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DocumentExpress with DjVu Software


Document Express Whether you need to share documents across the hall or around the world, Document Express with DjVu enables efficient distribution of any kind of document while delivering an unprecedented reduction in electronic document storage and bandwidth costs. A sleek, intuitive Graphical User Interface and automated document conversion process increases productivity and reduces labor costs.

Document Express 7.5 Enterprise


Cuminas’s Document Express 7.5 Enterprise is the ideal solution for all of your scanned document needs. With Document Express 7.5 Enterprise, your organization can easily encode any kind of document image into DjVu format, with output files that are up to 1,000 times smaller than comparable alternatives. Now, with full support for encoding Microsoft Office® 2003/2007 and PDF documents into DjVu format, Document Express 7.5 Enterprise makes managing and distributing your digital documents easier than ever. The following features make Cuminas’s 7.5 Enterprise the most powerful version yet:

In Version 7.5, Cuminas has made improvements to the conversion speed and stability of both PDF and VPD conversion processes.

In this release, Cuminas has also streamlined the GUI, simplifying use and increasing user productivity.  Batch conversion now allows you to select specific files and folders to convert rather than just by watch folder placement in auto conversion mode.  This is ideal when you don’t need to use auto multi-paging or when you need to switch configurations frequently.  The new Log Viewer now also allows you to see the conversion status in watch folder mode, enabling you to monitor your output files more effectively than ever.  Enterprise 7.5 now also supports Watermarking, Indirect Format, and DjVu Thumbnails. With Version 7.5, now you can protect and manage your digital content more effectively than ever with Enterprise’s Watermarking feature. New support for Indirect Format will speed distribution of your DjVu files, particularly in Web-based applications. And now, DjVu Thumbnail support will help you keep a better eye on all of your DjVu files.

Sleek, intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Easily set up workflows using a familiar GUI interface.

“Watch Folders”
Increase productivity and reduce labor costs by using ‘watch folders’ to completely automate the Document Express with DjVu document conversion process for most commonly used scanned image documents like TIFF, JPEG or BMP as well as specialized PDF conversion that deals with both scanned and electronic PDFs.
Watch Folder

“Batch Mode”
Adding to the watch folder mode, we’ve added the new Batch Mode conversion. This allows the users to convert source documents interactively.

Log Viewer
The new Log Viewer allows you to check the detailed conversion status and error messages in Watch Folder mode. This is very useful if you are running huge numbers of documents.
Log Viewer

Watermarks or company logos can easily be added to documents at the time of creation to protect copyrights and identify source agencies.
Advanced Settings

System Requirements



Document Express 7.0 Desktop


Document Express with DjVu Desktop Edition is the solution for Desktop, low-volume DjVu-conversion needs. It includes the Document Express Editor scanning/editing application and the DjVu Virtual Printer.

System Requirements


Product Datasheet

LizardTech product data sheets and brochures are available in both high-quality DjVu and PDF format. Download the free DjVu Browser Plug-in and experience the quality and speed of DjVu.

Data Sheets
djvu Document Express with DjVu Data Sheet ~ DjVu 77 Kb
pdf Document Express with DjVu Data Sheet ~ PDF 531 Kb




Document Express with DjVu software enables businesses, publishers and creative professionals to rapidly exchange and efficiently archive complex color documents without compromising image quality or text legibility.

r_reduceReduce Costs
DjVu gives you compact, high quality document images, dramatically reducing your electronic document storage and bandwidth costs.

r_scanningSave Time
Scan all your documents in color, eliminating the need for presorting and rescanning later.

r_sendingElectronically Distribute Documents
A typical full-color letter size DjVu file at 300 dots per inch (dpi) produces a lightweight 50 Kb file allowing important documents to move swiftly across a network or the Internet.

Free Plug-ins are available for all common platforms enabling your customers to view pages exactly as they appear in the original document.

Product Comparison

Document Express Product Family Enterprise Edition Professional Edition
Batch Processing Yes No
Watch Folders Yes No
Scan to DjVu using a TWAIN-compliant scanner No Yes
Convert electronic documents from any Microsoft Windows PC Yes Yes
Index with Microsoft Index Server Yes Yes
Export full text of DjVu documents for indexing in third party Document Management Systems Yes No
Native PDF to DjVu Conversion Yes No